Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) is excited to announce the acceptance of the Tamaskan Dog by the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) and Kennel Club-USA (KCUSA).

X What Does this Mean?

TDR Registered Tamaskan Dog in the United States can now compete in real live conformation dog shows through ARBA and KCUSA for National and International titles.

TDR Registered Breeders in the United States can now on top of registering their litters through the TDR can also register them through ARBA.

X How to get Started

If your Tamaskan Dog wasn't registered through your dog's breeder you will have to go through the single dog registration form here

  • Fill in single dog registration form in above link
  • Submit payment to ARBA upon completion of the single dog registration form
  • Email a photocopy of your TDR registration/pedigree to ARBA or registration will not be granted

  • Contact Robert at ARBA by phone if upon completion of the three steps above haven't heard or received registration from ARBA in three weeks. Their phone number is: 301-868-5718

    X Online Showing

    If your not in a country where you can show your TDR Tamaskan Dog in a real live conformation ring or you have no desire to show your Tamaskan in a real ring there is always the for fun online show.