Register a National Club

If your country does not yet have a National Club (listed here) and you are interested to become more active and involved with the Tamaskan breed at a local and/or international level, why not consider founding a National Club for your country? It is very simple and easy to get started: you just need a minimum of 4 people who are passionate about the Tamaskan breed and willing to participate on the National Club Committee. These positions are entirely voluntary (non-paid) and will require tireless and selfless efforts to properly manage and effectively govern the National Club:

1) CHAIRMAN – The Chairman is typically elected or appointed by the other members of the National Club to preside over meetings (either via email/internet or real life gatherings) and to govern the Committee in an orderly fashion.

2) VICE-CHAIRMAN – The Vice-Chairman (or Deputy Chairman) is subordinate to the Chairman and is typically elected or appointed by the other members of the National Club to assist the Chairman and to serve as Chairman in the absence of the Chairman, or when a motion involving the Chairman is being discussed.

3) SECRETARY – The Secretary has several important administrative duties, including: dealing with correspondence (typing letters and promotional material / newsletters); admitting new members (organizing membership applications and maintaining a list of active members); organizing official meetings and events (either via email/internet or real life gatherings); managing / updating the National Club website (or organizing a webmaster to regularly conduct these updates, as necessary, on behalf of the National Club), etc.

4) TREASURER – The Treasurer is responsible for running the treasury of the National Club. Each National Club operates as a non-profit organization with paid membership – all money generated from membership fees, donations, hosted events, and sales of promotional materials are expected to go back into the club: to cover the cost of publishing and printing regular newsletters; to cover the cost of hosting, maintaining and updating the National Club website; to purchase new materials for the club (including membership cards and promotional items, such as T-Shirts and bumper stickers, etc); to cover the cost of food and beverage consumed at officially hosted events / real life meetings. It is up to each individual National Club to decide upon the price of membership fees and to allocate finances accordingly.

The 4 individuals holding these offices must have a high level of leadership, project management, communication & organizational skills. They must be responsible, honest, and trustworthy with a high level of integrity. Equally important is willingness for mutual cooperation and teamwork – amongst each other, and with the Tamaskan Dog Register (TDR) as a whole – for the sake of the Tamaskan breed and its future.

Please note that only actual owners of TDR-registered Tamaskan Dogs and/or TDR-registered breeders may serve on the National Club Committee itself. The National Club overall includes the Committee Members, as well as Tamaskan Owners and Breeders residing in that country, and other paying Members who are passionate and enthusiastic about the breed who may or may not already own a Tamaskan Dog (including future owners / breeders).

TDR Representative – Once the National Club Committee has been established, the 4 Committee Members must then elect or appoint one person to be the National Club’s Representative on the TDR Committee. The TDR Committee consists of an international roundtable board, without a Chairman or Vice-Chairman; as such, every individual on the TDR Committee has an equal voice and an equal vote. The TDR Representative can be any member of the National Club Committee (not necessarily the Chairman or Vice-Chairman) – however, please note that English is the primary language of communication used by TDR Committee members. Therefore, the only main requirement for this position is a competent level of English; to be able to effectively communicate (read, write and speak) in English.

Each TDR Representative acts as an ambassador for their respective National Club, as well as its spokesperson: the primary link between the TDR as a whole and the individual National Club(s). This entails passing along information from the TDR to the other members of their National Club, and vice-versa. Any questions or issues that the National Club wants to see addressed and/or resolved should be presented to the TDR via their TDR Representative. Likewise, it is the TDR Representative’s duty to keep the rest of the TDR Committee informed of all the National Club’s registered breeders (including any new breeders or recent expulsions). The TDR primarily serves as a database for keeping records and for overseeing the Tamaskan breed as a whole; it is the individual National Clubs that host events, have (paid) memberships and govern their local jurisdiction – from individual members to registered breeders.