"Please note, the Tamaskan Dog is a very young breed and temperament can vary from litter to litter and dog to dog."

Tamaskan in general are very loyal family/pack orientated dogs. This leads the breed prone to suffering from separation anxiety and/or destructive behavior if left alone for any length of time. The breed tends to do best having someone working from home, but some Tamaskan have also done well just having another dog for company.

Tamaskan and kittens

Tamaskan successfully live with other dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, snakes and lizards, but it is suggested you pay special attention to introduce these animals young so they know they are also part of the pack since the breed does have a prey drive.

This breed is highly intelligent and quick to learn new things, if the right form of motivation is found. They can have a very "what's in it for me" attitude, that can come off as quiet aloof if they feel they can not be bothered with what you are asking of them. With persistence they can do a broad spectrum of things from pulling a sled to becoming a therapy dog or even becoming a search a rescue dog.

Tamaskan tend to be extremely friendly and do well with adults and children of all ages. This leads them to not making a good guard dog unless licking someone to death is the idea you have for protection. They can make good watchdogs and bark if someone or something unfamiliar is approaching your property.

Tamaskan as Sleddog

Tams are generally sensitive and attuned to people, therefore it's recommended that only experienced and confident dog owners that are positive and persistent in their training consider ownership.

The perks to a Tamaskan over other Arctic breeds is their recall. They are pack dogs so do not want to be left behind, that being said they do not turn on a dime when called and will often take their time on return. Tams can have a high prey drive so teaching them young not to chase animals will prevent them from straying far if they wander out of sight.

For the best temperament outcome ask about the potential parents of your puppy as well as take the time to socialize them to everything as often as possible.

Tamaskan Temperament