Tumanra at Blustag / Sulin Iola

Name: Sulin Iola
TDR Reg. Name: Tumanra at Blustag
TDR Reg. Number: 36FD
Call name: Tumanra/Iola
Breed: Utonagan
Date of Birth: 3 March, 2005 *
Sire: Redkite Anzara
Dam: Sulin Tumi
* Tumanra's DOB has been altered by her owner, Blustag, and is also listed as '3 January, 2006'.
X Litters
Registered Tamaskan Litters:  
September, 2006 - Blustag Star Burst (Banjo)
April, 2007 - Dingo at Blustag (Dingo)
April, 2008 - Blustag Star Burst (Banjo)
November, 2008 - Ohanzee of Torriarno (Rann)
October, 2009 - Dingo at Blustag (Dingo)
July, 2011 - Blustag Little Bear (Skye)
Other Litters:  
September, 2012 - Dingo at Blustag (Dingo)
X Health
HD: Unknown *
DM: Carrier
* On older registration documents, Tumanra's hip score is listed as BVA 18, while on newer registration documents her hip score is listed as BVA 16. Her owner, Blustag, refuses to show original BVA paperwork.