Sylka at Blustag / Redkite Wiyanna

Name: Redkite Wiyanna
TDR Reg. Name: Sylka at Blustag
TDR Reg. Number: 33FD
Call name: Sylka
Breed: Northern Inuit
Date of Birth: ?
Sire: Sulin Ice at Spotted Wolf
Dam: Redkite Keisha
X Litters
Registered Tamaskan Litters:  
Other Litters:  
September, 2003 - Redkite Loato at Blustag (Kyte) *
August, 2005 - Redkite Anzara at Sulin
* This was a half-sister x half-brother mating  
X Health
HD: Unknown
DM: Unknown
- Sylka has produced offspring that were affected by Epilepsy.