Nanny McPhee at Blustag / Shadowolf Sky Hope

Name: Shadowolf Sky Hope
TDR Reg. Name: Nanny McPhee at Blustag
TDR Reg. Number: 264FD
Call name: Nanna
Breed: Siberian Husky
Date of Birth: 4 September, 2003 *
Sire: Skimarque Nordic Ice
Dam: Lady Lupus
* Nanna's DOB has been altered by her owner, Blustag, and is also listed as '5 July, 2002'.
X Litters
Registered Tamaskan Litters:  
October, 2010 - Jackal at Blustag (Jackal)
July, 2011 - Jackal at Blustag (Jackal)
Other Litters:  
February, 2006 - Rajarani Prince of Pagans at Blustag
March, 2007 - Rajarani Prince of Pagans at Blustag
X Health
HD: Unknown
DM: Unknown