Jackal at Blustag

Name: Jackal at Blustag
TDR Reg. Name: Jackal at Blustag
TDR Reg. Number: 10FD
Call name: Jackal
Breed: Siberian Husky x
Date of Birth: 1 July, 2005
Sire: Oskari *
Dam: Polar Speed Pauliina
* Oskari is suspected to be a pure Czech Wolfdog with the name of Oxbow Leva-Neve.
X Litters
Registered Tamaskan Litters:  
July, 2006 - Blustag Mystic Spirit (Bindi)
September, 2007 - Blustag Mystic Spirit (Bindi)
November, 2008 - Susi at Blustag (Susi)
October, 2009 - Heidi at Blustag (Heidi)
October, 2009 - Blustag Bindaree (Nevada)
January, 2010 - Jodie at Blustag (Jodie)
May, 2010 - Alba Zuul at Blufawn (Zuul)
October, 2010 - Shadowolf Sky Hope at Blustag (Nanna)
November, 2010 - Heidi at Blustag (Heidi)
December, 2010 - Blustag Little Sunshine at Muensterland (Summer)
July, 2011 - Shadowolf Sky Hope at Blustag (Nanna)
January, 2012 - Blufawn Chives (Winni)
January, 2012 - Susi at Blustag (Susi)
February, 2012 - Jodie at Blustag (Jodie)
Other Litters:  
X Health
HD: Unknown *
DM: Clear
- Jackal has produced offspring that were affected by Cryptorchidism.
- Jackal has produced at least 10 offspring (from different litters) that have failed their hip tests, several offspring are affected by severe Hip Dysplasia.
* On recent registration documents, Jackal's hip score is listed as BVA 12; however, several other sources have his hip score listed as BVA 14, 16 and 18. His owner, Blustag, refuses to show original BVA paperwork.